Webneos  IT Solutions is the Information and Technology  wing of  Webneos  Ventures .



  • Content development and management systems

Crafting and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to your customers so that they genuinely want to read it and not because they have to. This creative act at Olive is like no other in the industry wherein the stories will delight your customers and make powerful memories.

We consider ‘Content writing’ or in other words ‘description’ comes from a brand’s strength in making an emotional connection and reaching the right people to connect with. The always-on consumer is present everywhere and even the most inactive ones leaves no scope of being entirely passive. This scenario demands more content, more real-time content across more channels with greater flexibility.

 Custom web applications

There are three main parts as to what custom web application development is all about. It’s the planning, the creation and the maintaining of web-based software. Custom data applications as the most popular type of application we create, these include business processes automation, applications built for a specific purpose. Every custom application is expected to integrate with other softwares so as to avoid double entry and make the process efficient, we work with most book keeping and ERP systems .

  • e-business &  e-learning solutions
  1. 100% customizable and accommodates 3rd party integrations
  2. Search engine and social media friendly
  3. Amazon cloud and dedicated server deployment
  4. Dashboards for Admin and sellers to know real-time sales updates
  5. Flexibility to set unique commission, shipping & seller subscription rates
  6. Exclusive profile pages for sellers and custom URLs for stores


  • Desktop application development

With the help of our highly qualified industry expertise and technical experience, we develop Desktop Applications that reduces the complexity of your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your business productivity. By making complicated and tedious operations simpler, our Desktop Applications help you synchronize important processes and streamline your IT operations in a proper, growth-enhancing manner.

We offer desktop software application development services to our esteemed clients at very affordable price.
Our programmers have hands-on-experience developing desktop applications for variety of clients. End-to-end network solution, business performance measuring application etc. are a few of our desktop application projects. Our customized solutions have greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of our clients.


We engage state of the art technologies to create ultimate productivity tools
including but not limited to:

  • Graphics and video processing applications including embedded software
  • Communication tools like the desktop version of the popular VoIP app Viber (600+ mln users)
  • Information search and management tools like Video Download Manager
  • Web browsers like the Privacy Browser and the alternative browser for music lovers
  • Personal productivity apps like the resounding Stop Procrastinating App
  • Desktop software for business


At Webneos we aim to find the golden mean between the technologies that are emerging and promising and the ones which are well-established and classic.

Platforms Cross-platform & Native technologies
Windows C/C++, Qt, Objective-C,  wxWidget, WPF.NET, DevExpress, GTK, KDE, Java
Mac OS X


  • Mobile application development

For your app to succeed, you need a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile development team. Good news – you’ve come to the right source. In the glut of hulaa-baloo of the market of mobile apps, we don’t settle for good. We shoot for amazing, and that’s where we can take you – if you’re ready. Innovative mobile business strategies. Beautiful user experience designs. Powerful agile app development. Stand-out launch marketing. Comprehensive product lifecycle management. That’s the mobile-first thing we’re creating.

  • Web portal development

Effective web portal is one which may showcase all the respective areas. Webneos collects your business requirements and provide the most advanced and effective web portal development solutions. We provide you a platform with which you can easily communicate with your customers.

We take you through a process that assesses the needs of your business as well as its objectives. From here we are able to establish a course for a web portal development that will allow accessibility to your site as well as enhance usability of this same site. This means that through your site you remain interconnected to those things that matter the most, the clients and other businesses.

We have high skilled developers to provide web portal development solutions. As a web portal development company we offer 24*7 web support. All our portal solutions whether it be B2B Portal or B2C Portal, all are of high quality and cost effective. During our Website Portal Development Services we use latest technology and always ensure timely delivery. Our web portal designs are attractive and customized as per business requirements.

Our Mission

Mission, vision, values (i.e., culture) . . . each is worth doing only if it’s done right. We at Webneos have taken this as our mission to put the needs and interests of everyone associated with us before we think about profitability as we earn it as a byproduct serving our clientele and keeping our team more than just satisfied.

Our Vision

We work towards making a truly digital arena where there will be affordability will seem a a word of past. Webneos' Systems will be affordable to all. We strive hard to make people associated with us the maximum rewarded in every field or sector making a mark on the IT world ,strong enough to catalyze further growth and success.