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Suitable for more than 100 business cultures with excellent features.
A Complete Business ERP Software that caters to every need of modern day business tycoons. Designed to help you eliminate all the complexities in business automation like organizing your Financial Accounts, Powerful Inventory Control, Label Printing, Cheque Printing, Illustrative Log Book, Window Based / DOS Based Printing, With Inventory / Without Inventory Accounting, User-definable Optional Fields in Masters and Vouchers, Export Facility for each report to MS Word, Excel, PDF, WordPad, HTML, SMS Plug-in, Unlimited Fully Configurable Invoice Formats, Multi Company management, Intelligent Outstanding Analysis.

This means you will not have to spend your valuable time sweating over details of any inventory related or accounting related issue. With “Business ERP”, you need to ensure the accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and statements will be generated automatically. Provides up to date information at your fingertips, keeping you better informed, helping you make quicker business decisions.

If you are running a super market, electronics shop, Mobile business, FMCG Agency, Computers Shop, Book Shop, Bakery, Electrical Goods business, Automobile Spare Parts Business, Pesticides / fertilizers / seeds store, kirana merchants, Patanjali Store, Grain Market Commission Agent, Any kind of manufacturer, trader, agency holder, distributor, wholesaler or retailer, this software is for you.

2. I-School

Complete ERP for your school
I-School software handles fees Management system so intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.
How I-School Helps you grow
I-School Software does not save only your valuable time but helps in development and growth of your esteemed organization

Why I-School
I-School is fully integrated school management software introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations. Within no time, I-School has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and finance related activities.
What We Offer:-
• Admission
• Fee Management
• Transportation
• SMS Plug-in
• Smart Stock
• Accounting
• Library
• Examination
• Certificates
• Security

Step By Step Help of I-School Software
• Easy Admission Module with Enquiry
• Fully Integrated Fee Management
• SMS Birthday, Home work & Due Reminders
• Smart & Easy Stock Handling
• Complete Financial Accounting
• Fully Integrated Library Management
• Flexible Examination & CCE Grading Module
• Self Designable Certificates Printing
• Transportation: Manage Multiple Routes
• Superb & Fool Proof Security System



Milkman software has been especially designed for milk collection centres at village level to handle their day to day accounts and dairy activities. Milky Software is fully integrated with Ultrasonic Eko Milk Machines & Weighing scales for FAT / SNF and weight calculations respectively, so that at the time of morning and evening shift, there are number of farmers, handling their rush and calculations is very tedious process, that can be handled very easily with Milkman
• In the development of Milkman software our team’s major focus is on its interface. As such most of the users are layman about computers and they need a solution that do not require any training or technical support.

Integration with Ultra Eko Milk Machine
For the First Time in India, Software picks FAT & SNF data automatically from ultrasonic eko Milk machines

Picks Weight From Weighing Scale automatically
Milkman automatically picks accurate weight from weighing scale machines using RS-232 connectivity
Attractive Interface
Keeping in mind the layman users, Milkman software interface is designed so simple as well as attractive.

Party Accounts & Stock Management
Using Milkman software there is no need to maintain separate books for account and stock.
Self Configurable Rate Lists
Now you can configure Milk Rate lists yourself just like in excel or import from excel worksheet.

No Training Required
The major point of Milkman software is that there is no need for any training or technical support. Just fill in the blanks.




Mechanism of Penny especially designed to work as an organization to create a brand with systematic approach. Develop long term customer relationship with features like “reminder-setup (Auto SMS Technique)” Which makes both customers and business HAPPY.
During development of Penny Software, our team mainly focused on costing point. Using Penny, You don’t have any need to purchase separate Barcode Printer for printing barcode tags. With Hi End techniques Penny’s tags are more than 98% cheaper. Saving your money.
Penny handles stock Item wise, Article wise, Size Wise, and Colour Wise. Which is very important for success of any organization? Penny’s high end financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Cash Book, Bank Book, Stock Summary etc. make it a successful financial consultant.
Penny helps control leakage of stock, alteration/deletion of entries. In addition wonderful feature of Theft Control keeps a check over returning unsold items. That means you can rely over the loyalty of your faithful staff. In this way Penny protects and automates any organization.


No Need to purchase Separate Barcode Printer In a retail showroom “Cost of Barcode Printing” is a major factor in software budget of businessman. He needs to purchase separate printer to print Barcode tags for each item along with printer for billing purpose. Barcode printer costs between Rs. 15,000 to 20,000. Secondly each barcode tag costs app. Rs. 1.00 for each item. It increases his one time and recurring budget of shop. Using “Penny” software, we can use our laser printer to print both Barcode Tags and bills using A4 Sticker sheet. On one sheet we can print appx 30 – 50 barcodes (depending upon our sticker size). In this way barcode tag printing cost reduces to 1.5 to 2.00 Paisa per tag (98% saving). You do not need to purchase separate printer for barcode labels (100% saving).

Easy Data Punching
Import Data from Excel Sheet that comes from vendor In Readymade garments stores, items are managed under different article numbers, different sizes & different colours. In retail showrooms while entering purchase entry, every item has to be mentioned with its Article No., Size and Colour and due to heavy rush of customers, it is not feasible to input each item’s details. Using “Penny” Software, we can import Purchase entry from excel sheet that comes from your vendor. We can import or export Penny’s items and Accounts masters to excel. Penny Support all export formats like Excel, pdf, word, html, rtf etc. That means you can print of mail the sales invoice to your customer or export the invoice so that your customer may import in his Penny Software. It saves a lot of your valuable time.

Data Integrations
Now Manage Your Business and Private Accounts Safely and Simultaneously While talking about accounting & Inventory software, every businessman wish to manage his personal and business accounts together for a complete view of his business, Stock & financials. Using Penny we can manage Personal accounts very safely along with our regular business accounts simultaneously. Which helps us control our leakage of stock, accounts and keep total control over our business. Penny software especially designed keeping in mind the businessman who wish to do their billing by their staff. They require a fool proof system to control their business. Theft control feature of Penny enables the businessman to keep a check over returning unsold items, keeping your business in safe hands and saving your hard earned money.



Apparels / Garments Retail Showrooms Penny ERP for Garments Retail Stores to manage Billing, Accounts & Stock with Barcode Tags

Barcode Labels And Ultimate Designs Now Design any type of barcode labels without barcode printer. Use A4 Sticker sheet to print economical barcodes with your laser printer

Footwear / Shoes Outlet Automation Maintain Stock Under different Articles No.’s, Different Shades / Colours, Different Sizes are very Simple With Penny

Point of Sale(POS)Billing/Invoicing 10 Minutes Implementation time, User Friendliness & zero Training cost has made Penny world’s best software to open world class retail outlets

Artificial Jewellery Retail Outlets Tracking complicated Inventory With design no. & MRP on pre-printed tags is now very easy Using Penny ERP

Plywood / Laminates Dealers/Distributors Automation of Stock With Design No., Lot & Shade Integrated with complete Financial Accounting / Billing is handled By Penny

Floor / Wall Tiles Wholesale/Distributors Maintain Item stock of tiles with batch No., Serial No., Shade along with all stock reports. Ready to reach to automation

Gifts / Toyshops Best Presentation & Controlling of stock in Gift houses & Toys Shops with improved billing speed using barcode scanner is a kid’s job with Penny



In every hotel, Room reservation is the primary step for visitor entry. Hotel invites Reservations by phone, through agent, By Email, Website or direct customer reservation.
At the time of booking, manually checking which room is vacant or which rooms are occupied on a particular date is a very complicated and time consuming process.
Using Star Hotel there is no need to remember or maintain any diaries of room booking. Star Hotel shows only vacant rooms list very intelligently at the time of reservation.
In Star Hotel we can completely digitalize customer data with the help of its fully integrated Document Management System. In case any type of verification, there is no need to manually search for documents of visitors. Attach multiple documents along with their scanned copies
In Star Hotel, There are 2 Modes of Customer Check In. Customer may approach directly or he may have reservation in our hotel. Star Hotel automatically picks customer details from reservation entry. Resulting in a lot of time saving of your staff as well as your customer.

During Visitor’s stay at our hotel, we serve him different items for breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Star Hotel helps us recording of deliveries served him during his stay along with complete automation of inventory.

In a hotel, Bill is a very much complicated process. It involves
1. Calculation of Rent for stay days
2. During these days there are many items served at different intervals
3. Calculation of other charges like vat, Luxury Tax, Service Tax, Discount etc.
Star Hotel automatically produce professional and total error free invoice on a single click. With automatic calculation of all the rent, food & other charges.
• Find Your Customer Easily By Room No., Customer Name Or Company Name
• Apply Value Added Service Charges Like Extra Bed Charges, Hot Water Charges, Telephone Charges, Laundry Services
• Customize Your Taxation Structure And Apply On Every Bill By Default
• Flexibility to Select Payment Mode As Cash, Bank, Tourist Company, Corporation Or Tourism Agent.
Use Colours / Lines / Fonts / Logos / watermarks to beautify your bill format
During Stay At Hotel, A Guest May Be Paying Some Amount At Regular Intervals To Hotel Staff .This

Amount Paid Shall Be Considered As Advance At The Time Of Billing And Hence Will Be Deducted from The Amount Payable. To Be Adjusted In Checkout Bill Time.

• Star Hotel Dashboard’s picturisation shows every room position as on a particular date with advance search options.
• Informative and Intuitive Stay view
• View all rooms stay in a single time
• Maintain your Bill Book
• Generate Police Station Report


6. Fast Serve Courier Service


Complete Courier Agency Information
To Print on Bills, Receipts, Ledgers and other reports
Create Rate Zones / Regions as per company rates policy
Zone means group of cities / states or region for which different rates are charged from customer. For Example if we charge same rate from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan customers then we create its zone.
Create List of Cities under different zones
Software will automatically pick rates as per linked zones as and when we enter consignments of particular city.
Import List of Cities From Excel File
Sample File “City Data Import.xls” given in Software Folder

Easily create Accounts of your customers
Input all the details like address, contact no., Birthday, Anniversary and bank information.
Manage Service Types that you offer to your customer
In Courier Business, different quality services are provided to customers like Parcel, Super Service, Priority Service, City plus etc.

Define yourself
List of services offered by your courier company.
Set up Rates Customer Wise
Means we can quote different rate to different customers very easily.
Define Common Rate List and Particular Customer Rate List
Very easy to setup your Rate list, just in a few minutes. Choose Customer Name, Service Type, Rate Zone and Weight Slab
Let’s Say For Example Rate List for Priority Service in Delhi is
Weight Slab Rate
0.001 Kg. to 0.100 Kg. Rs. 30/-
0.101 Kg. to 0.250 Kg. Rs. 50/-
0.251 Kg. to 0.500 Kg. Rs. 60/-
0.501 Kg. to 1000 Kg Rs. 20/- For Each Additional 500 Gm.
e.g. Illustration
Weight = 2 Kg
Up to 500 Gm. = Rs. 60 + Remaining 1.5 kg = (500 gm x 3) = Rs. 20 x 3 = Rs. 60/-
Total Charges = Rs. 120/-

Copy Rate List From One Party to Another
No need to waste your valuable time sweating over creating rate lists for each party. Just Copy-Copy-Copy…
Consignment Entry: Fast: Robust : Easy
In consignment Entry, we can easily enter daily customer wise consignments. Just 10 minutes work every day and your all consignments are done. Use Barcode Scanner or Keyboard to input Consignment No. Track Billed or Unbilled Consignments very easily.

Import Existing Consignments from Excel
If you are already using excel to maintain consignments, import it very easily at a single click. Sample Data format = “Consignments Data Import.xls” file available in your software Folder. Just Input your existing data in this and import in Bellboy.

Make Accurate Bills at a single Click
• Track Created / Pending Bills.
• Just single click on Make Button and see your Bill is ready.


Clean It Software has been especially designed for dry-cleaners / laundries with automatic tag printing, Store Pictures of customer as well as items, Easy Order and Delivery Management, Complete CRM, Processing In Store, Simple Accounting and easy to operate environment.

· Order Booking
· Delivery Management
· Tag Printing on Buckram Using Ink Jet Printer
· Track orders in processing and make it ready for delivery in a single click.
· Simple Accounting
· Send Auto SMS to customer at Booking Time, Processing Time, and Items Ready for Delivery.
· Setup your own rate list.
· Take Photo of customer at Booking Time as well as at delivery Time.
· Track Store Items and ready for delivery items.

In Dry Cleaners Trade, A dry cleaner has a very complicated problem to manage and record the identity of particular item of a client. Many times garments are exchanged between the clients. This situation creates a big problem for a dry cleaner. It creates a question mark on his work style and goodwill. When this project was started, we‘re also surprised over the boom of software requirements in India, We never imagined that this industry will use software for the coming 5 years.

To add on to our surprise, when we completed and displayed this project in Dry Cleaner’s association meeting in a city, we got more than 18 orders of installation.

As per our survey, this software is in demand not only in India, but also in US, African, and European countries.
To overcome the identification problem of each item, we covered it with ‘Tag’. The tag is 2”x2” in size and contains information such as date of order receipt, Date and time of delivery, Customer Name, Contact No, Total No. of garments etc. But on completing this project, when we installed the software on client site, and printed the tag on paper, the tag was fine.
But when the garment runs through cleaning, drying and finishing process, the paper tag lost its identity. To print the tags, a special kind of paper was required which may not lose its identity when run through washing, cleaning, chemicals, drying or finishing process.
And moreover the cost of tags and printing must not increase. At this time a new research come into light. You will also get surprised to know. We used Inkjet Printer a special kind of cloth known as “Buckram” (commonly used in shirt’s Collars and cuffs) as a paper. Now this problem is 100% solved. The buckram tag once printed through any inkjet printer, may be run through any process such as cleaning, finishing etc. do not lose its identity and remains same in the condition in which we print it.

See Balances from all customers on the screen
• Simple Accounting, No Need to Learn Debit or Credit.
• No Need to learn account. No Experience required
• Generate customer Statement with all details
• Send your Pending Orders to Store in a single click
• One Click Entry for Making Items Ready for Delivery
• Fully secured Solution with User Rights
• Easy to Manage SMS Plug-in & Templates
• Use Any Bulk SMS Service
• Send customized auto messages to customers at the time of Order Booking, Delivery, Receipt, Balance List etc.




There is no need to record or maintain a diary for party wise rate agreement. In Shutter Fold software, Agreement is a great tool to do it very well.
Using Shutter Fold Software, don’t worry about management of Your Stock, Party Stock, Hire Stock, Excess, Breakage, Item Wise; Size Wise Reporting.
Now Calculate Your Rental Bills in nano seconds. Convert your loss into profit with breakage calculation, missing components & other charges
Shutter Fold Software works for you as a business consultant. Guides you at every step to increase your profit.
Today, you need not learn accounts or computers to manage your business. Shutter Fold produces very valuable and intelligent reports that are not possible in manual working
Secrecy and security of every business main angle of every business. In Shutter Fold your business is totally under your control with user rights.

SHUTTER FOLD is not just a Software, It’s My Business Engineer
1. Business In Scaffolding / Shuttering trade is not like other trades, in which we feed purchase and sale entries to maintain our stock and accounts.
In Shuttering Stores, The businessman provides items to its customers on rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals. At the end of month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working Bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process.
Apart from this rent settings are different for different customers. Items are to be maintained in different sizes. Items are purchased, hired, sold, un-hired, produced, consumed in different sizes. Stock is maintained item wise and size wise. There is a very huge need for special software that can
manage their stock, make accurate rental bills integrated with financial accounts up to balance sheet.
The perfect solution for this trade is “Shutter Fold” (My Business Engineer)
“Life becomes very easy when we start working on emerald. Reduce your total mental burdens to achieve your life targets.”
Developed by very experienced technocrats & Loved by more than 700 well established scaffolding business tycoons

2. Shutter Fold Software designs your item master very intelligently that is the base of further calculations.
As we know, in scaffolding business; there are number of items and every item is organized in different sizes. In Shutter Fold Software we feed every Item with Rent; and size with opening Stock, because all the rental bills are generated as per items and stock is managed as per size.
In Shutter Fold software all the screens are designed by experts very carefully just as we work manually so that all the business reports that consume your very precious time are now generated automatically in nano seconds.

3. No need to remember rates and breakage charges set with every party.
In scaffolding business, there are number of parties. To remember item wise rates set with every party for each site is very difficult job. In agreement, we can not only setup the rates of each item with the party, but also define damage and breakage charges to be charged in case of items received in broken condition.

4. In Scaffolding business, everyday numbers of items are issued to different parties for their different sites.
In manual working, to know party rates for particular site and particular item and how much stock is balance on that site is very complicated. Show Party’s Rate and stock Balance while issuing challans.
In Shutter Fold Software, when we issue the items to the party for particular site, software automatically picks very quickly all the results like Rate set with party, Stock Balance as well as stock at party site.

5. Enter Breakage and damage components while entering receipt challans
In Software as and when party returns the items, it is not necessary that we receive every item as it is. Some items may be in broken condition. and sometimes we may receive items more than the issued Quantity. At the receiving time, in software we can also feed some other supporting items or components which are not a part of rent but they are chargeable as a breakage. Any other charges paid at the time of receiving like freight, labour can be entered in receiving challans.

6. Create Accurate Rental Bills in no time.
In Scaffolding business, revenue comes from rent. To generate accurate and error free rental bills always use Shutter Fold. Software. Shutter Fold. Software Very quickly calculates number of days each item is retained at party site & calculates its rent according to rates setup during agreement.

7. Picks Missing or damaged components from receiving challans, Calculates breakage charges as per rates set in agreement.



Focus Plus Software Esp. for Institute Management to maintain Enquiries, Admission, Fees, Course Master, Instalment Management, Attendance, Accounts, Day Book, Ledger, Cash Book, Payments, Receipts, Cheque Printing, Easy Banking, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit/Loss, Trading Account, Multi Company, Bank reconciliation, Interest Calculation, Simple Sale / Purchase Vouchers, SMS Facility and much more. Everything that is important to computerize any institute.

In This Manual, We Will Learn How To Use Institute Management Software And All Its Features.

Students come to the Institute for Course Enquiry and its fees structure. We fill up an Enquiry Form to record the student details. Let’s see how to create an Enquiry in the software.
1) Click on Enquiry option on the right side menu or Entries menu at the top of the main screen. Select Dates and click OK. The list of Enquiries in the selected date range is shown. There are few important options (buttons) on Enquiries window which are explained as below.
2) Click on New button to create new Enquiry.
3) Fill all the details of the students.
4) There is ‘+’ sign next to Course field. Click on ‘+’ sign and Course Master Window opens up. We can add more courses if we wish or modify its details.
5) Add picture of the student also.
6) Click on save button to save Enquiry details.
7) If we want to print the list of Enquiries, select the records and click on Print button.
8) To view the Enquiry Form of Students, select the student records and click on Enquiry Form Button.
9) Institute may wish to send reminders as SMS to students who enquired for the courses. Click on Reminders Button for this purpose.
10) Select the dates and click OK.
11) To see the list in MS-Excel, click on Open in Excel button.
12) To send any information to students, click on SMS, type message and send.

There is an Import and Export facility in this software through which we can get the data from MS-Excel and transfer the data to MS-Excel.

13) By clicking on Export button in Enquiries window above, the selected records will be transferred to Excel sheet.
14) By clicking on Import button, Excel Data Import Utility opens up.
15) Click on Select button to select an Excel file, the data of which we want to import.
16) Type No. of Entries to be imported and click on Import Data button.
17) There are Search and Sort options also by which we can search any records among number of records and we can arrange the data alphabetically.
18) Enquiries window has two more important options to view all Pending or Successful Enquiries. Tick on any of the options you wish.


In manual system, keeping record of all the application forms of students is quite difficult. This software can make our life at ease so we will be able to store all the admission information in our computer which can be retrieved later on.
To create admission, click on Admission option on the right side menu OR Go to Entries menu at the top of the main screen.
List of Students window opens up with multiple options.

Let’s discuss about different options one by one below.
1) To see the List of Admission between a particular period, select Dates and click OK.
2) Sometimes there is a possibility that the number of students may exceed than the default value and we want to display them page wise, an option Enable First Search displays records on different pages as 1, 2, 3
3) Select List of Discontinued to view the list of discontinued students.
4) Select Select All to select all the records.
Now, let’s see how to create new admission.
1) Click on New button.
2) Type Entry Date. Admission No. will come automatically.
3) There is an option Get Data from Enquiry to get the data from the list of Enquiries. When we select this option, a small window appears from which we can choose the student who came for enquiry before and now getting admission.

Select the student’s record and press Enter key or click on Continue button. The details of the student chosen by us are displayed in the corresponding fields in the Admission screen.

If the student did not come earlier for Enquiry and is coming directly for Admission, we do not need to go to this option. We have to enter all the details in Admission window itself.

4) Type Roll No. of the student allotted by the institute.
5) Type Date of Admission.
6) Click Installments to plan Fee structure for that student as he/she can pay fees in number of instalments.

• In the above screen, type No. of Instalments. 1st Instalment Amt. and Rest EMI Amount is automatically calculated and displayed. We can change the values of the instalment amount.
• Start on Date is displayed automatically by the software. We can change the Date if we wish.
• Frequency is after what interval student has to pay the instalments i.e. Day wise or Month wise.
• Calculate button calculates and displays all the Instalments Amounts. Total Amount is also shown below.
• Clear List button will clear the complete list of Instalments in case we want to change Fee Structure.

7) Type the field ‘Documents Received’ if the student has submitted any documents while getting Admission.
8) Click Save to save all the details in software database.
9) The List Button shows the list of all the Admission.
10) If we want to delete or modify the details of any student, double click the student record from the List of Admissions. Details of the selected student are displayed in Admission screen. Make any modifications in record if we wish and click Update or click Delete to remove that student’s record.
Other Useful Options
A) Click Birthday if we want to see whose Birthday falls on which day or Month
• Select Dates and click OK. The list is displayed as below.
• Click Open In Excel to open the displayed Birthday list in MS-Excel.
• Click SMS to send Birthday wishes to students.
B) Another options like Import, Export, Search and Sort are same as explained in Enquiries section.
• We can view and take the print out of ID card of the students.
• We can view and take the print out of Admission Forms of the students using this button.
There is an SMS facility in this software. Click on this button to send any information to students through SMS.
See Your Business while you on move through Mobile App
No need to ask your office staff about customer’s Balances, Bill Due Lists, Customers and Suppliers Ledgers while you are on the way. Just Tap customer name and see its ledger @ the speed of thought with cumulative balance and bills due information.
As you click on Mobile App button, Focus Plus will generate an XML file “Collection.xml”. You need to import this file in your Mobile Solver App.

The main area of concern in every organization is its incomes and expenses.
Fees Collection is an important area of concern for every Institute. Need to keep record of fees collection manually. Focus Plus makes it very simple to manage fees instalment collection.
1) Click on Quick Receipt option on the right side menu OR Entries menu at the top of the main screen.
2) Select Date, Payment Mode. Payment mode can be cash or cheque.
Add Payment mode by pressing F3. If the instalment is received in cheque, press F3, create an Account as ‘Bank Name’. Select Bank Name as payment mode.
3) Receipt No. comes automatically.
4) Select Account Name i.e. the name of student from whom we are collecting instalment.
5) If the receipt is done by cheque, software ask to enter Cheque details like Cheque No., Cheque Date, Bank Name on the cheque. Type all the details.
6) Type Total Amount the student is paying. Give Discount if you wish. Net Amount comes automatically.
7) Type Remarks and click Save
8) As the entries are saved, the records will show on the screen along with the values of Total Amount, Total Discount Amount and Total Net Amount.
9) Click on to move to first, previous, next and last record.
10) Click on Print to print Fees Receipt.

11) Select the records you wish to delete and Click on delete

Institute has to incur various expenses like Staff Salary, Telephone Bill, Water and Electricity, Petrol, Tea, Office maintenance etc.
Let’s see how to make Payment entry in Focus Plus.

1) Click on Quick Payment option on the right side menu OR Entries menu at the top of the main screen.
2) Select Date, Payment mode.
3) Receipt No. is displayed automatically.
4) Select Account Name. We can add new Account by pressing F3.
5) Type Expense amount, Discount (if any). Net Amount displays automatically.
6) Type Remarks and click Save
7) We can add payment mode as Bank if the expenses are paid by cheque. Press F3 to add new account.
As soon as we select Account Name and press Enter, it will ask for Cheque information.
Fill all the cheque details like Cheque No, Cheque Date, and Bank name.
8) Click on to move to first, previous, next and last record.
9) Alt+x = Import from Excel – Pressing Alt+x will enable to Import data from MS-Excel. Click on Select button to select an Excel file, the data of which we want to import. Type No. of Entries to be imported and click on Import Data button.
10) F12 = Tab Settings – We can set tab settings by pressing F12 key means when we press, which field the cursor moves to.
Select the options and click Apply.
11) Click on Print to print the records.
12) Select records and Click on Delete to remove the records.


Every Institute manages the record of student’s attendance. Focus Plus gives a very simple and user friendly Attendance Manager.

1) Click on New button to make Attendance Entry of the students opted for a particular course and particular batch.
2) Select Date, Course, Batch and click OK.
3) All the students is displayed. By default, the attendance is marked as Present. Change the option if the student is absent or on leave.
4) Click Save to save attendance entry.
5) On Attendance Manager, click Attendance Report.
6) We can view and modify the attendance report of a particular student. Type Admission No. or click on Search button to search for Admission No.
7) Select Dates and click OK.
8) Click Edit to modify any entry.
9) In Attendance Manager also, double click on the record which we want to modify.
10) Click Print to take the print out of Attendance Report.


Institute is concerned with the due fees instalment which is balance.
Outstanding Analysis gives a very clear picture of and
1) Select Date and click OK.

2) Click on Print to print the list of due payments.

3) Click on Slips to print slips for balance fees.

4) Send any information or reminder to students using SMS feature. Click SMS, type the message and send.
5) Search for any record using Search button.
6) There are some search options by which we can view balance or outstanding amount.

Search by Account, Group, Mobile, City, amount greater than, amount less than.

Type in the Search Account box or click on ‘+’ to select Account. Clicking ‘+’ shows the screen below.

Type in the Group box or click on ‘+’ to select Group.

Type any value. Click on buttons on left and click OK. The list with outstanding amount greater than the specified amount is shown.
We can choose to see all Customers (Students) or Suppliers or both as Groups.

• Click on Standard Register button and click OK. This register shows the details of opening balance, fees received for each day till selected date and closing balance. It shows the Total Fees Received amount also at the bottom
• Click on Classical Register and click OK. It shows the same data as in Standard Register but in a different format.


Get complete Fees Instalments collection Report of all the students with no ambiguity.
1) Select Dates and click OK.
2) There are four options Show Due, Show Undue, Receivables, Cleared, according to which we get the Report.
Select one of Show Due, Show Undue and one of Receivables, Cleared.
• Show Due, Receivables: – View the fees details which are due but not received till the selected date.
• Show Due, Cleared: – View the fees details which are due and have received till the selected date.
• Show Undue, Receivables View the fees details which are not due and have not received.
• Show Undue, Cleared View the fees details which are not due but has been received in Advance.
3) There are search options at the bottom of above screen by which we can search list according to Admission No. or Account Name or any other field.
4) Click on Print to print the report.


This is very important Book which every Institute would like to see. Day Book shows all the date wise Receipts and Payment details either by cash or cheque.
1) Select Dates and click OK.

2) There are few Search options at the bottom of the above screen by which we can search the record by Account Name, Transaction Type, Narration or Amount.

3) Click Print to print the above report.


Cash Book shows all the date wise Receipts and Payments by cash.
1) Select Account Name either Cash or Bank.
2) Type Dates and click OK
3) Cash Book shows Total Receipt, Payment and Balance.
4) Double click on the Transaction to modify anything.
5) Click Print to print the Report.

Log Book shows the Ledger of a particular Account like student, staff, expenses etc.
• Click on Log Book on the right side or Go to Reports menu of the main screen.
• Double click on transaction to modify anything.

There are various buttons on the above screen. The corresponding report will be shown based on the button being clicked.
• Click Print to print the report.

Click on Group Ledger in Reports menu.
• Select Account Name, Dates and click OK. Focus Plus shows Group Ledger of ‘Salary’ Account.
• Double click on transaction to modify anything.
• Click Print to print the Group Ledger report.

• It shows clear picture of all the Receipts and Payments made by Cash/Cheque.
• Select Account as Cash or Bank Name.
• Select Date Range and click OK.
Select Show All Dates option to see daily balance, receipts and payments. It shows the details of every single Date.

Click Print to print the Report.

This register shows all the expenses incurred by the Institute.
• Click on Quick Payment Register in Reports menu. Select Dates and click OK.
• There is a search option at the bottom of the above screen by which we can search record according to Amount, Discount etc.
Click Print to print the Quick Payment Register.

This register shows all the incomes earned by the Institute.
• Click on Quick Receipt Register in Reports menu. Select Dates and click OK.
• There are some search options at the top and bottom of the above screen to search record based on values being entered in the boxes.
Click Print to print the Quick Receipt Register.

In an organization, we have various Fixed Assets like Capital Equipments, Plant & Machinery, Furniture & Fixtures, Computers, and Cars etc. This chart shows all the asset’s actual value, depreciation rate, depreciation value and net value.
• Select To Date and click OK
• Click Print to print the chart.


In an Institute, sometimes multiple users have to use the software for specific purposes. In this case, we create different users and specify their usage permissions.
• Click on user in Masters Menu.
• Type User Name and Password. Select or deselect the User permissions you wish. Activate or Inactivate Menus.
• Click on Save to save the settings.
• List of Users button shows all the users.
• Sometimes we may want to remove any user. Click on List of Users and All the users are shown.
• Double click on any user you want to remove. The screen shows all the settings of the selected user.
• Click on Delete to remove the user.

Institute can make any changes in Company details.Go to Company Info in Masters Menu.
• Make the changes and click Save Changes otherwise, click on No Thanks, Close It

HOW TO USE (Offline Mode)
1. From your Software Application Click on Accounts à Mobile App
2. It will create a file “Collection.xml” in your software folder
3. Copy This “Collection.xml” File to your Mobile or SD Card
4. In Your Mobile, Run App and Import this file. It will show all data.

How to Use (ONLINE MODE)
1) Install Drop box on your PC
2) Install your Software in Drop box Folder
3) Install Drop box App on your Mobile also
4) Now when you click on Mobile App From Software application, it will create Collection.xml file in drop box folder
5) This “Collection.xml” will be synchronized very soon in your mobile’s drop box folder
6) Run your App and import this “collection.xml” file




ERP Software for Pharmacy Retailers, Wholesalers, Chemists and Druggists, Medicine Shops, Hospital Dispensaries, Ayurvedic Medicine Dealers, Homoeopathy Drug Stores, 24 hour medical shops to maintain their stock accurately, Manage Financial accounts perfectly and generate customer invoices beautifully.
Helps easily calculate medicine schemes, deals, remember party wise rate list, keep a watch over expiry, maintain narcotics, schedule H, schedule H1 registers, make quick payment and even print cheques in professional way.
In every Medical Store, there is a need to automate their business. They need to manage their stock of medicines, medical equipments, expiry of medicines, billing etc. Managing all these things manually becomes difficult and if expiry medicine is given to customer then it’s a problem. So, every medical store requires a system through which their work becomes easy and organized. They will have the clear picture of the availability and shortage of stock and profit and loss analysis. Pharma++ solves the problem of every medical store in a very simple and user friendly way.
We’ll see now the features of Pharma++ and learn how to use this software.
Item Master; Simple; Intuitive and Quick
A businessman needs to manage stock and its details. So he needs a system to store and retrieve item details. Let’s see how to create Items and their details. Items are the stock- medicines and all the medical equipments kept in medical store. If you are using existing software then you can import your Item Master Data using Excel Also.

Digital Snapshot of your Customer
Snapshot of customer’s account at the time of sale or purchase helps take timely decision

Other Relevant Characteristics
 Useful Quick info available at sales time
 Adjust Sale Return Challans in Sale Entries.
 Create Batch on the spot
 Adjust Multiple Discounts at Sale Bills
 Manage company Wise Party Wise Discounts
 No need to remember Party wise Rates
 All kind of summaries / reports
 Track Sales Bills Very Fast and Quick
 Quickly Manage your Stock
 Evaluate your stock in real time
 Print Items in Account Statement
 Create Accounts along with CRM
 Informative Address Book
 VAT Reports Management made easy
 Retail Sale for Walk-in Costumers

A Hotel can make payment entries using this software. All the payments made by hotel like material purchased from suppliers, Travelling Expenses, Water and Electricity Expenses are entered using Quick Payment option in Entries menu.
 Select Date, Payment mode. Receipt No. will be generated automatically.
 Select Account Name for the expenses incurred.
 Type the Total Amount of expenses paid.
 Click Save button to save entry.
 Click on Print button to take the print out of the list of payments made.
 To delete any record, select the record and click on Delete button.
 Software will ask for confirmation if we want to delete record or not.
 Click Yes or No.

Chemists can make entries for cash received from customers or any source using this software. All the cash received by chemist like Interest, Booking Fees are saved using Quick Receipt option in Entries menu.
 Select Date, Payment mode. Receipt No. will be generated automatically.
 Select Account Name for the income earned by school.
 Type the Total Amount of income earned.
 Click Save button to save entry. The total cash amount will be shown below.
 Click on Print button to take the print out of the list of receipts done
 To delete any record, select the record and click on Delete button.
 Software will ask for confirmation if we want to delete record or not.
 Click Yes or No.




Supplier’s Rate and Weight adjustment managed effortlessly and simply
The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy. The same kind of adjustments can be made in weight. Customer’s reports will be maintained as per actual Sale Price and supplier’s reports are maintained as per our desired price. That affects your profit and loss accounts.

• Maintain Crates while entering sales.
• Maintain Stock Lot No. Wise / Store Wise.
• Calculate Commission/ Market Fees, automatically.

The stock balance of supplier is maintained lot wise. Sometimes the whole stock is not sold in the same day, then they transfer this stock in a nearby sabzi mandi for sale and receive sale proceeding reports after sales
Track your customers effortlessly, Minimize chances for any kind of loss or bad debts, Increase your profitability
The main problem in Sabzi Mandi is related to bad debts. If your accounts are not properly maintained and you have no watch over your daily customer, chances of bad debts are high. ‘Red Apple’ shows you which customer has not arrived for how many days. You can attach customer’s photographs with his account details etc.
Ultimate and Stunning Bill formats
Use stylish fonts, exciting colors, stunning logos, symbols, pictures to beautify your customer or supplier bills and make your brand image.

No Need to learn even the ABC of Accounts or computers
Don’t learn any Dr. or Cr., Just fill in the blanks in the boxes given and Let Red Apple generate everything for you
Secretive & Informative reporting.
While working manually, it’s not possible to calculate how much profit you have made in a particular vehicle/challans entry.
All in one Collection Report covers
much more than opening and closing balance
In manual working the commission agents and their accountants spend more than 7 to 8 hrs. daily to maintain their books, make adjustments, make day wise ugrahi registers (7 days / 4 Days Collection Register), creating customer’s bills, creating supplier’s bills, making outstanding lists (area wise), maintaining stock balance, maintaining stock balance of items sent for sale, reconciling cash/bank accounts, check customer’s accounts etc.
• Automatically generate 10 Days Time saving Report
Nutshell of your business @ your Dashboard.
As per our survey, business in Sabzi Mandi is very good and profitable. An average commission agent in a town can sell Fruits and vegetable amounting to minimum of 1 lac Rs. In one or two hours in morning. But to maintain hiecords, he has to spend 7 to 8 hrs. If this work is carried out with the help of software, he will be able to maintain his accounts in 15 to 30 mins.

• Classical Master Entries, Manage Areas, Attach Photo, Operate In Your Regional Language
• Create yourself all the items In easy way
• Home Screen shows vital statistics of your business in a nutshell

 Create Unlimited Companies
 Manage Families
 Members Management
 Manage Needs and Interests
 Record Pledge
 Manage Givings by Members
 Family Details in a single shot
 Excellent Search Techniques
 Analyze Needs of Members
 Flexible & Customizable Group Management
 Another Example of Group Management
 Make Services / Schools / Activities / Classes
 Wonderful Attendance Management

13. Vision

 Software for Non-Banking Finance Companies to maintain customer and hypothecated Vehicle records with insurance/permit reminders, Automatic Fine calculation on defaulters.