A framework defines the organization’s way of doing things – a ‘Single Standard’. Following this standard in our every assignment Webneos’  tries to set trends by achieving:

Script-less representation of Automated tests:

WEBNEOS’  testing framework offers  point-and-click interface for accessing and interacting with the application components under test—as opposed to presenting line after line of scripting. We  visualize each step of the business scenario, view and edit test cases intuitively.

Data Driven tests:

we believe on automating functional testing and it lies in our ability to test large volumes of data on the system quickly. We manipulate the data sets, perform calculations, and quickly create hundreds of test iterations and permutations with minimal effort. Test Automation Frameworks integrated with spreadsheets provide powerful calculation features.

Concise Reporting:

The ability to run high volume of tests is of little benefit if the results of the tests are not easy to understand. The framework automatically generates reports of the test run and show the results in an easy-to-read format. The reports provide specifics about where application failures occurred and what test data was used. Reports present application screen shots for every step to highlight any discrepancies and provide detailed explanations of each checkpoint pass and failure. Reports are easily shared across the entire QA and development teams.

Standard Scripting and Team Consistency:

Scripting standard is maintained across the framework library creation, which includes business components, system communications, data check points, loggers, reporters etc. Project team follows the defined scripting standards. Published standards across the project team pre-empt the effort involved in duplicate coding, which prevent individuals from following their own coding standards.

Encapsulation from Complexities:

Tests are encapsulated from the complexities and critical aspects of the code. Engineers are exposed only to the implemented libraries and tests are executed by just invoking the libraries.

Implement and Maximize Re-Usability:

We establish the developed libraries across the organization/project team/product team, i.e. publish the library and provide access rights. Utilities/components shared across the team. Usage of available libraries which minimizes effort for repeated regression cycle.

Our Mission

Mission, vision, values (i.e., culture) . . . each is worth doing only if it’s done right. We at Webneos have taken this as our mission to put the needs and interests of everyone associated with us before we think about profitability as we earn it as a byproduct serving our clientele and keeping our team more than just satisfied.

Our Vision

We work towards making a truly digital arena where there will be affordability will seem a a word of past. Webneos' Systems will be affordable to all. We strive hard to make people associated with us the maximum rewarded in every field or sector making a mark on the IT world ,strong enough to catalyze further growth and success.